HF 220

Hydraulic Forklift 220

TIMSPRAYER Hydraulic forklifts are ideal for lifting, moving and loading fruit crates, pallets and other bulky or heavy objects.

TIMSPRAYER Hydraulic forklifts deliver steady performances with rewarding quality. High loading capacities with user-friendly features meet the needs of farmers.

Robust roller bearings, hot steel profiles, proven lifting chains, and easy CAT2 three-point linkage system will be a great asset on farms.


Extra strong chassis

Chasis is composed of hot rolled steel profiles that ensures durable usage.

Quick coupler system

CAT2 three-point linkage system makes it easy to mount on tractors.

Lifting Chains

2 units of Fleyer Lifting chains that delivers steady performance.


Electro-hydraulic distributor can be controlled from tractor.

Pliable Forks

Automatic pliable Forks can be adjusted 5 cm in both ways.

Box Holder

Box holder hooks for loading only first bin.


Side shift sliding is up to 25 cm.



Lifting Height

Loading Capacity

Total Weight

HF 220 2200 mm 1500 kg 500 kg